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Chemical Resistant Clothing:Disposable isolation suit

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Chemical Resistant Clothing:Disposable isolation suit

Disposable isolation suit

The function of isolation clothing belongs to two-way isolation, which can not only prevent medical staff from being infected or polluted, but also prevent patients from being infected. It can generally be used to protect medical staff from being polluted by patients' blood, body fluid and other infectious substances, or protective articles to protect patients from infection.

At present, there are no special regulations on the standards, specifications and models of isolation clothes in China. Only the technical specification for hospital isolation has a brief introduction on the wearing and taking off of isolation clothes (the isolation clothes should be opened behind and can cover all clothes and exposed skin), but there are no relevant indicators such as specifications and materials. Therefore, under the current situation, as emergency materials, all products that can provide the Marketing Certificate of medical products in the host country can be used in the current emergency stage.

Generally speaking, the disposable isolation clothes are made of non-woven materials or combined with materials with better impermeability, such as plastic film. Through the use of various non-woven fiber bonding technologies, the integrity and toughness of the isolation clothing can be ensured. The isolation clothing shall cover the trunk and all clothes to form a physical barrier for the transmission of microorganisms and other substances. The isolation clothes can be reused or disposable without hats. The isolation clothing shall have certain wear resistance and tear resistance.

From the definition of isolation clothing in the technical specification for hospital isolation, there is no requirement for anti penetration. Isolation clothing can be waterproof or not. However, according to the recently issued technical guidelines for prevention and control of New Coronavirus infection in medical institutions (the first edition) issued by the national health and Health Committee, the protective clothing worn by medical personnel needs to be penetrated in the process of diagnosis and treatment of New Coronavirus pneumonia. So friends must pay attention when purchasing materials!



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