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Chemical Resistant Clothing:Disposable surgical clothes

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Chemical Resistant Clothing: Disposable surgical clothes


Disposable surgical clothes are protective clothes that are strictly sterilized and worn during invasive treatment of patients in a special operating room.

Surgical clothing also plays a two-way protective role in the operation process. It can not only reduce the risk of medical staff contacting potential infection sources such as patients' blood or other body fluids, but also reduce the risk of pathogenic microorganisms spreading between medical staff and patients. Surgical clothing is actually a safety barrier in the sterile area during the operation, which is regarded as the key to reduce the risk of infection during the operation.

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Therefore, from a functional point of view, in most cases where isolation clothes need to be used clinically, disposable surgical clothes and isolation clothes can be interconnected.

As for the standards related to surgical clothes, China issued YY / t0506 in 2005. This standard is similar to the European standard en13795, and has clear requirements on the barrier, strength, microbial penetration and comfort of surgical clothing materials. The surgical gown should be impermeable, sterile, one-piece and without a hat.

3) Disposable protective clothing

Among the three types of personal protective equipment introduced today, disposable protective clothing is the equipment with the highest protection level and the best protection effect. The role of protective clothing is to prevent medical staff from being infected, which belongs to one-way isolation. When contacting patients with Class A or infectious diseases managed according to class A infectious diseases, clinical medical personnel need to wear disposable protective clothing according to the regulations. According to the notice of the general office of the National Health Commission on strengthening the management of medical protective articles during the epidemic issued by the National Health Commission recently, medical personnel should use ordinary isolation clothes in pre inspection, triage and fever clinics, and protective clothes in isolated observation ward (room), isolated ward (room) and isolated intensive care ward (room).


To sum up, there are similarities and obvious differences among isolation clothing, surgical clothing and protective clothing. The following points are briefly summarized:

1) The protection of disposable isolation clothing and disposable surgical clothing belongs to two-way protection, while the protective function of protective clothing is one-way protection, and its only function is to prevent infection of medical personnel.

2) The requirements of disposable surgical clothing and protective clothing are significantly higher than those of disposable isolation clothing.

3) In most cases where isolation clothes need to be used clinically, disposable surgical clothes and isolation clothes can be exchanged, but the places where disposable surgical clothes must be used cannot be replaced by isolation clothes.

4) The isolation clothes can be used repeatedly without pollution. The surgical clothes must be cleaned, disinfected / sterilized before use. Protective clothing is generally recommended for single use.



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